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09/08/17 10:27 PM #88    


Julianne Denby (Anderson)

Terri, I still haven't seen the picture you sent. Is it floating somewhere up in cyberspace? Could be. Maybe you'll find it one day and try sending it again. Can you believe our reunion is tomorrow? Oh my goodness.  And I'm still working on a board with lots of pictures on it from our three annuals that I’ll hopefully have ready to display on one of the tables at tomorrow’s big event. It's sure fun looking back at "the good old days." I remember my dad telling me to enjoy them, as they were the best years of my life. You know, sometimes I think he was absolutely right.

09/09/17 09:12 AM #89    


Terri Renfro (Goff)

Julianne, check out my profile page!

09/09/17 02:26 PM #90    


Shirley Canfield (O'Mara)

This is for Teri Renfro. I am coming to the reunion tonight.  Looking forward to seeing you!!

09/09/17 03:17 PM #91    


Terri Renfro (Goff)

Awesome!  See you there!

09/10/17 10:25 AM #92    


Robert Andrews

Great Reunion Guys!!  Had a great time and it was fun hooking up with people I hadn't seen for years.

Food was good, as was the half time entertainment by the three 'chiefs'.  


Thanks again!!  WoooooHooooo!!

09/11/17 08:00 AM #93    


Richard Mitcham

I have to say; the Reunion Committee did an outstanding job. That was the best organized and most enjoyable event I've ever attended.  Everyone was so friendly and made really feel like was part of the group.  I got a chance to me a whole lot of people that I was familiar with by site but really didn't know who they were. It was truly wonderful. Great job guys!

09/11/17 11:09 AM #94    


Stan Stebing (MHS '66)

If you haven't checked out the "MHS Video - April, 1966" (Left column - 5th item down) and see if you recognize some of your classmates.  "The Boys of Syracuse" are also on this 8 minute video.

09/12/17 11:09 AM #95    

Linda Raye Baker (Peters)

I agree the Reunion committee did an excellant job planning our 50th.  Thank you for all the work you've done the last 18 months.  We thought the food was delicious.  We enjoyed talking to many of the Alumni.   I did miss visiting with Robin and Van Lang, Cecile Ferrill Davidson and a few others, so I hope we have another reunion and they'll be there.  I have to say Dianne Riffle Anderson and Ken Anderson looked very close to their senior photos.   Linda Baker Peters

09/12/17 01:08 PM #96    


Mary Ferchen (Lambert)

I never knew Rich Mitchum in school. It was so much fun to get to chat with him at the reunion.  Also, at our reunion picnic, my husband Wayne & I sat down and visited with him for quite awhile.  He was a very interesting guy.  Wayne & Rich had both been in the Navy so they chatted about there time in the service.  He told us that he worked on radar systems on an Aircraft Carrier as a civilian for Lockheed Martin for years.  They had offered him a job right out of the Navy.  I asked him where he got his cute southern accent.  He told us he had grown up in Arkansas. He was happy that his job brought him back home to Arkansas where his daughter was living.  I'm so glad we were able to get to know such a great guy, even if for such a small moment in life.   He will be surely be missed.   Hugs to Steve Abbot in the loss of his best friend!

09/12/17 02:31 PM #97    


Tom Yates

I am stunned by news of the sudden death of our classmate Richard Mitchum.  I see that he posted a thank you to the reunion committee just yesterday morning.  A true reminder of how fleeting this life is and how important it is to be present in the moment as much as possible.  Richard was present in our midst this weekend and now he is suddenly gone.  May he rest in peace.  As a fellow veteran I am also thankful for his service.

As Richard was thankful to the reunion committee so am I.  I attended elementary school at Alderwood in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, Lynnwood Junior High, and Sophomore and Junior years at Meadowdale.  My parents moved our family to Bothell and I graduated with the class of '67 from Bothell High School - not Meadowdale.  I was anxious that I wouldn't "belong" at the MHS 50th class reunion but that was not the case at all.  I connected  with several who were friends from "back in the day" and my wife and I had a great evening with you all.  Thank you for making that possible.  I hadn't seen anyone from MHS in more than 50 years yet it seemed like very little time had passed as we visited and caught up - even briefly.  I plan to keep in touch.  Thank you. 

09/12/17 02:48 PM #98    


Ginger Rhoades (Bell)

I didn't know Richard in high school. I did get to spend time visiting with Richard & Steve... A gift.

09/13/17 08:38 AM #99    


Carolyn Rommel (Questad)

We enjoyed so much visiting. & can't believe how many classmates I didn't get a chance to visit.. may God continue to bless our future lives... hopefully I can continue to see & visit with some of you💗

09/13/17 08:44 AM #100    


Kathy Christopher (Stack)

It is very sad to hear that Richard Mitchum passed away after the reunion!  I don't know the particulars, but I will say a prayer for him, and so glad he was able to attend, and had a good time.  If anyone knows more about Richard, it would be nice to know.

09/13/17 08:51 AM #101    


Kathy Christopher (Stack)

I agree Carolyn!  So many people I did not touch base with!  I thought I was doing a pretty good job of getting around and was surprised at how many people I did not see!  

09/13/17 10:17 AM #102    

Jeannene Kroener (Mason)

I am very sad to hear about Richard Mitchum, I did not know him, but I do remember the name.  Life is so unpredictable and can change in an instant.  My heart goes out to his family.

09/13/17 10:18 AM #103    


Carolyn Rommel (Questad)

Kathy, Dale  sat and visited with him & Rich told him how he was born in Arkansas.  & military career...

09/13/17 01:01 PM #104    


Chris Perry

I just heard about Richard Mitcham. I had a chance to talk to him at the reunion and catch up and reminisce of the good old times.  My condolences to his family.. R.I.P Richard 

09/13/17 02:26 PM #105    

Linda Raye Baker (Peters)

The news about Richard's passing was a shock to me as I know it was for everyone.  I feel blessed to have visited with him at the reunion.  I'm glad he came to our 50th and had a great time.  He was a very interesting person and funny.

10/06/17 11:37 AM #106    


Kevin Cloud Brechner (MHS '66)

I hope somebody will post some pictures from the 50th reunion, and maybe a bootleg copy of fhe class picture that was undoubtedly shot.

10/07/17 09:19 AM #107    

Jeannene Kroener (Mason)

I know Karen Busch Withner took a lot of pictures that she plans to send to George  Heyworth.

11/22/17 11:03 AM #108    


Stan Stebing (MHS '66)

I thought you might be interested in this article VA study shows parasite from Vietnam may be killing vets.


A half century after serving in Vietnam, hundreds of veterans have a new reason to believe they may be dying from a silent bullet — test results show some men may have been infected by a slow-killing parasite while fighting in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

12/22/17 08:57 AM #109    


Robert Andrews

Does anyone remember Bill Lucas?   Any idea where life took him?

02/22/18 10:37 AM #110    


Carolyn Rommel (Questad)

Sorry to say I don’t.  Guess since I had a boyfriend (Dick Beam)I hung out with a few gals is all



02/25/18 11:19 AM #111    


Rick Larson

Stan, I had not heard about this parasite that you mentioned for veterans who served in South Viet Nam. I was there in 1971 in the northern part of South Viet Nam in an Army infantry platoon (not far from where the closed Marine Base Khe Sanh was located). I am wondering if this parasite was primarily from the Central Highlands or farther south to the Mekong Delta. I was very fortunate to not have seen any combat during my tour of duty. However, my only war wound was a mosquito bite that left a scar on my right leg (I actually have a picture back then showing the bite!). I will have to research this parasite. The area that we operated in had been defoliated with Agen Orange, but we did not see any actual spraying of this chemical. This reminds all of us that we can be affected by some things from our distant past no matter what direction life took us!

03/22/18 09:00 AM #112    


Rick Larson

I was in Horace 'Dutch' Propst biology class my junior year. Mr. Propst asked me what my father's first name was. I indicated my dad's name was Curt. As it turned out, Horace and dad were acquaintences in the 1950's. My grade point average was beginning to slip in my junior year from what it was my sophomore year, and I thought to myself, maybe I can get an "A" in biology, since Mr. Propst knows my Dad! I did not get an A for that biology class from Mr. Propst; however, I did get a B for the class (actually, I think I should have gotten a C+). Rest in peace Mr. Propst.

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