Pub Trivia Night Survey

Your committee is planning a class wide Pub Trivia Night.   We would be planning to have it on a Tuesday night in mid to late January at Shawn O'Donnell's Irish Pub, just east of the I-5 128th St Exit in South Everett.   Shawn O'Donnells has a moderator who asks the questions, and your team may have pictures to identify as part of the quiz.   We would help you form teams of 4-6 people per team.   The restaurant has great food at reasonable prices, and there is plenty of parking. We're asking for a show of hands to see if this is a viable outing for the class.   Depending on how many are interested, we may need to find another venue, ... that's why we're asking you.  This does not irrevocably obligate you, so, relax, just tell us how you feel.  I'm pretty sure the committee will do this anyway, as we had a great time when we went. 

We usually meet at 6pm, all have dinner together, ... the Trivia Contest starts at 7:30pm

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1)   Would you be interested in participating in the Pub Trivia Night as outlined above?

  Yes, plus 1
2)   Do you have a different idea for a class outing?