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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 49.2%

A:   185   Joined
B:   191   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Carolyn Rommel (Questad)  4/14
•   Alan Schultz  3/26
•   Linda Gatjens (Burton)  3/4
•   Kevin Murray  2/28
•   Andrew Bottin  2/19
•   David Johnson  2/18
•   Don Miller  2/12
•   Kathy Balsley (Jacobson)  2/5
•   Steve Keller (MHS '66)  2/1
•   Robert Andrews  1/19
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•   Carolyn Fossum (Miller)  6/6
•   Rick Steinmetzer  6/7
•   Lynn Johnston (McCort)  6/10
•   Mary Ferchen (Lambert)  6/13
•   Jeanine Cooke (Oudeans)  6/14
•   Sue Henderson (Lentz)  6/14
•   Andrew Bottin  6/15
•   Paul Tomlin (MHS '65)  6/17
•   Linda Gatjens (Burton)  6/18
•   Daniel Berg  6/20
•   Al Gerth  6/20
•   Pat Price (Price)  6/21
•   Susan Westlake (Smith)  6/21
•   Charles Grimes  6/22
•   Gail Regelin (Shelby)  6/22
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4 live in Alaska
11 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
7 live in California
3 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
6 live in Idaho
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Montana
4 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
2 live in New Mexico
2 live in North Carolina
2 live in North Dakota
1 lives in Oklahoma
14 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
2 live in Virginia
209 live in Washington
1 lives in British Columbia
1 lives in Argentina
1 lives in France
1 lives in Guatemala
1 lives in New Zealand
90 location unknown
74 are deceased



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Note:   This is a re-run of last year's sacrifices in order to make the picnic.  We hope you're ready to do you part to make sure you make it ... August 19th, Linda Churchills Farm, Snohomish.  Details are on the Home Page, under Picnic Details 2023.  It's gonna be fun.


Verification Team 

What got into them?

Ok, this doesn't have anything to do with the picnic, but it does have to do with us, and our website.   Now you may recall the VT said I was using the word "FUN" too often in describing the picnic.   Well, I'd be lying if I didn't say that hurt my feelings, ... but I got over it.   But now, as I was reading our classmates comments on "What's New", a couple of days ago, I see that Rick Steinmetzer questioned whether he could use the word "FUN" in his comment. That was the last straw.   How can you imagine not having Rick Steinmetzer and FUN in the same sentence?  I can't.   I looked up Miriam Webster's tome on sentence construction, ... and, just as I thought, ... it's not possible.  So, to the VT team, ... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!   What will they do next, ... comment on my font colors, my typeface, my punctuation, ... MY SPELLING?   I took drastic steps.   I called in Tony the Tat, ... he's also a lawyer.   And in a stunning display of legal acumen, ... Tony said "Enough is Enough".   He coulda repped Johnny Depp, I just love watching Tony work!  So, Tony researched the law, and sent a strongly worded cease and desist letter to the VT.  It said, "Enough is Enough".   I'm glad I got Tony.  I don't think the VT will mess with me again.   Wow, ... that was FUN !!!  This one's for you Rick !!  Finish your sentence!!


We'll have all the details of the picnic back on the Home Page for your perusal, but for a few days we wanted to highlight some of the sacrifices people are making to come to the picnic.

Choices Were Made

So many classmates are sacrificing in order to make to the picnic, Saturday, August 19th.   In some cases it brings tears to your eyes.  


Steve Pearce and Sandy Montgomery Pearce are leaving their idyllic town of Langley, and, in the cest la vie ( that's French ) attitude of the islands they're hitch hiking to the ferry, then, you guessed it, hitch hiking from Mukilteo to Snohomish, singing Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee".  They're a fun couple, but they're gonna need a nap, ... and, a ride home.

Not to be outdone, Pat McCune is traveling from Port Angeles, right after coordinating a HUGE quilt show, where she needed to manage 60 people.   What made it even harder ... they were all women. 

Seriously not to be outdone, ... Ginger Rhoades, is driving up from Arizona to come to her first picnic, ... I think she's expecting a huge welcome, ... probably true!  She'll be collecting gas money at the picnic for the trip home.

Tony Backes is skipping Spokane's 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament for 70+ year olds, in order to come to the picnic.   He had a good shot at it too, ... there were only 3 teams entered. 

Alan Schultz gave up a chance to test drive the new electric Ford F-150, ... a $100,000+ truck.   Psssst, ... I don't think he gave up the chance, I think they found out about the Chevy tattoo on his butt.   Probably Carrie told them, cuz she wanted to come to the picnic.

Sheila Page is in Massachusetts, and not coming to the picnic, ... so she's not sacrificing anything, ... but she said she would be drinking a beer and eating a hot dog on picnic day, in solidarity with her class.   Well, they mostly have Sam Adams, ... no Alaska Amber, no Irish Death, no Mac & Jack back there, so I guess she's sacrificing taste. 

Shirley Canfield, is easily triggered ... most recently by outdoor dining and costume contests, ... so you can see this is a double whammy for her.   But, she's going to be there, ... we think.

Jamie Comet had 3 foils lined for that Saturday.   That's where ladies go in to change the tint or color of their hair.  That's like $500 worth of revenue for Jamie.   But she's coming to the picnic instead.  In an extraordinary display of small business sensitivity, we are allowing Jamie to do some business at the picnic.   Hair style & cut ... $35, Foils ... $165, Perms ... $55.   Tent # 4, Table 2, Chairs 4 & 5, ... 2pm-5pm.   Steve has scheduled a foil for himself with a copper streak on the side, ... so 15 hairs for his former blonde color, and 7 hairs for the copper streak.  ... so, with only 22 hairs, Jamie's giving him a deal, ... $ 3.50.

Here's a last minute entry, Nancy Savage, and her husband Gordon are coming.   She just decided Wednesday.   She's going to have to find a sitter for all her animals, and will be missing them for a whole day or two.   Awwwww.

What sacrifices can you make, to make sure you're at the picnic?


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