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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 49.6%

A:   185   Joined
B:   188   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Mary Hudson (Farrell)  2/29
•   David Johnson  2/10
•   Alan Schultz  2/9
•   Sheri Smith (Arrigoni)  2/5
•   Don Miller  1/20
•   Kevin Murray  1/17
•   Jerrye McCalmon (Ralston)  1/16
•   Randy Mickels  1/16
•   Kathy Christopher (Stack)  1/11
•   Terri Renfro (Goff)  1/11
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•   Sylvia Witt (Leidholdt)  3/2
•   Lorne Collinson  3/7
•   Guy Thornburgh  3/14
•   Mike Buchmeier (MHS '66)  3/19
•   Theodore Holt  3/19
•   Terry O'Malley  3/20
•   Vaughn Nichols  3/21
•   Dan Cogswell  3/23
•   Gary DeBardi (DeBardi)  3/23
•   Bob Greer  3/24
•   Cathy Pitchford (Nickerson)  3/26
•   Bruce Prout  3/27
•   Jeanne Fletcher (Ferkingstad)  3/28


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4 live in Alaska
11 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
8 live in California
3 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
6 live in Idaho
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Montana
4 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
2 live in New Mexico
2 live in North Carolina
2 live in North Dakota
1 lives in Oklahoma
14 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
2 live in Virginia
207 live in Washington
1 lives in British Columbia
1 lives in Argentina
1 lives in France
1 lives in Guatemala
1 lives in New Zealand
88 location unknown
77 are deceased



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Even though we're having a Pub Trivia Night March 12th, we are gearing up for our first committee meeting of the year, likely to be held in late March / Early April.   I offer this evidence as to what I have to go through  keeping everyone in line.   This is how last years ordering went for the first time.   I'm not expecting any praise in dealing with these people, ... just a little sympathy.

From March 2023 ...

I'm not doing this again !!

I'm trying to organize a nice luncheon meeting for our committee.   I talked to Steve Favorite, and we came up with Lombardi's Italian Restaurant on the Everett Marina.  So, I contact the Lombardi's and tell them I expected about 16-20 for Tuesday, March 14th.  I'm working with their banquet manager, and we're figuring our ways to make this happen.   Well, they'll have to have us pre-order lunch, in order to have all the orders come out together for our size group.   That's ok, ... they're willing to do individual checks, ... so that's nice.  I send out an email to the committee with a copy of the lunch menu, so they can pre-order.   Here's the responses I got ...

Mary Ferchen ... "I'd like the Strawberry Salad, but I'm wondering if I can substitute blueberries for strawberries."

David Johnson ... "well Mary, it's called a Strawberry Salad because all the flavors complement each other."

Mary ...."could you check for me?"

Steve Favorite ... "I'll have the house salad"

David .... "ok, do you want to tell me what kind of dressing  you want?"

Steve .... "what kind do they have?"

David .... "I sent you a copy of the menu so you'd have all the options ... I'm not a waiter"

Steve ... "do you think I would like White Balsamic?"

David ... "YES"

Shirley Canfield... "I would like to have the swordfish?"

David ... "there is not any swordfish on the menu"

Shirley ... "well, the restaurant's on the waterfront ..."

David .... "I don't think they go out and

fish per order, ... plus, ... Swordfish is not indigenous to Puget Sound"

Shirley  ... "could you check?"

Stephanie Smith ... "you know I'm going to need something vegan"

David ....  "Of course, that's why I sent you the menu Steph"

Stephanie ... "yeah, but I'm not sure about what's in the sauce, ... there could be some beef juice in there."

David ... "I'm pretty sure there's not any beef juice in the Venetian Mushroom Ravioli."

Stephanie ... "could you check ?..."

Kevin Murray ... I'll have the Rocky Mountain Oysters.

David .... uhhh Kevin, ... there are no Rocky Mountain Oysters on the menu, or anywhere else within 1,000 miles.

Kevin ... could you check?

David ... that's a hard no, Kevin !

Jeanne Fletcher ... "I'm wanting something kind of light, because I am going out to dinner that night.  I'm not sure if we're doing Mexican, Chinese, or French "...

David  ... "OK, ... what would you like , Jeanne?"

Jeanne Fletcher  ... "so, do you think I should have a salad?"

David .... "sure"

Jeanne ... "which one?"

David ... "how about the Grilled Steak Salad?"

Jeanne ... "that sounds too heavy, ... I'll take the Strawberry Salad."

David  ... "good"

Jeanne  ... "do you think I can substitute raspberries for the strawberries?"

David   .... "not sure, are the strawberries too heavy?"

Jeanne ... "could you check?"

Sue Akers ... "Dave, I'll have the Mushroom Risotto"

David .... "good Sue"

Sue .... "what exactly is Risotto?"

David ... "it's kinda of a rice dish with broth"

Sue ... "that doesn't sound that great, ... just rice and broth?"

David .... "pretty sure that's what it is"

Sue ... " see if they can put some beef or chicken in there, maybe a slice of lasagna, ... could you check?"

David ... "Nay Nay"

Steve Favorite ... "I want to switch from the White Balsamic to the Creamy Gorgonzola.   How many calories do you think there are in Creamy Gorgonzola?"

David ... "None.   But, Steve, ... they told me they're going to be out of dressing for the House Salad,  ... in fact, they said they're going to be out of any salad you order, .... plus they're going to be out of beer, ... the restaurant said it would be best if you just stayed home.   I'll let you know how it went."


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