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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 48.6%

A:   185   Joined
B:   196   Not Joined
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•   Michael Clemans  5/13
•   Linda Gatjens (Burton)  5/10
•   Sandi Stephens (Dauzenroth)  4/29
•   David Johnson  4/17
•   Kathy Arnquist (Ernst)  4/5
•   Pat Echelbarger (MHS '66)  4/4
•   Marilyn Burbank  3/23
•   Don Miller  3/14
•   Alan Schultz  3/1
•   Susan Akers (Thompson)  2/21
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•   James Sprague  5/18
•   Mary Thomas (Reynolds)  5/19
•   Roger Clement (MHS '66)  5/20
•   Bill Klemm  5/24
•   Larry Amundson  5/28
•   Leland Clark  5/30
•   Stephanie Smith (Steinberger)  6/2
•   Carolyn Fossum (Miller)  6/6
•   Rick Steinmetzer  6/7
•   Lynn Johnston (McCort)  6/10
•   Mary Ferchen (Lambert)  6/13
•   Jeanine Cooke (Oudeans)  6/14
•   Sue Henderson (Lentz)  6/14
•   Andrew Bottin  6/15


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2 live in Hawaii
5 live in Idaho
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Montana
3 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
2 live in New Mexico
1 lives in North Carolina
2 live in North Dakota
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1 lives in Pennsylvania
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2 live in Virginia
212 live in Washington
1 lives in British Columbia
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94 location unknown
69 are deceased



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Several members of our committee suggested I print some phrases from the 50's we can all use at the picnic.  What?   I guess they don't remember this page from a couple of months ago.   So, ... I'm not going to make any rude comments about who's reading and not reading the Home Page, but here is a review of something posted about 2 months ago, on this very topic.   I think we're going to instigate some new qualifications for inclusion on the committee.  Note to Shirley, ... attendance will be one of them.  Here we go ... REVIEW, REVIEW REVIEW !!!

Verification Team -

Explanation & Clarification 

of Costumization

This Picnic's gonna be da bomb !!

If you are not a regular viewer of this site, you may be unfamiliar with the Verification Team. They are a group of 4 women who, through scrupulous and unscrupulous means ( read spying ) are tasked with determining the authenticity of your costume for the 2022 MHS Class of '67 Fabulous Fifties Summer Picnic Extravaganza, Saturday, August 13th, at Linda Churchill's farm in Snohomish.    Oh, and they wanted me to remind you, they're really smart, ... all members of Optimus ( yeah, they were smart in 1967, but we really don't know if they still are, does that carry through life? ).  Janet Westerlund is their leader, Ginger Rhoades, Barb Baumgartner, and Linna Carlsen complete the foursome.  

The V-TEAM wants to expand and clarify the rules for the costumes.   Things that started in the 50's, but carried through to the 60's are now fair game for costumes. We'll show you an example with Bill Klemm and Dave Ralston.   Remember you don't have wear a costume, but you do have wear clothes, Sandie. None of those shenanigans this year.

You might remember our last posting, Bill Klemm is coming as Queen Elizabeth, ... which has been approved by the V-Team since she is a transcendent figure of the 50's through today ... see how this works.   Some of you might say Bill Klemm is a transcendent figure, ... probably not too many though, but he does look good in pearls. Sheila Page, for example, who wanted to come as Marie Antoinette, would not be eligible for the big prizes, even though she was born in the 50's ( the 1750s ), but she can come as Marie as a special interest costume.   Sheila, we're thinking of doing European Monarchs for a picnic theme in a couple of years.  Our Historical Subcommittee is looking into that, led by our own museum curator of sorts, Lee Crary.  Tony Backes, our MHS "67 class litigator has codified all the new rules.  Tony's been compiling these, copying them for everyone and will be sending them out sometime in early November.  Can you pick it up a little Tony maybe use a computer rather than writing all this down? Regarding tardiness, I'm just going to stick this in here.   Gail, still waiting for your tattoo photo.   You're way too late for prizes, but you did say you were sending it.   Tasteful pics only please, ... my wife uses my iPad sometimes.

Now, something else for those new viewers, ... we have a mole, shhhhh, ... someone who is anonymously leaking classmates costumes to us.   We're not sure if it's right to publish these leaks, since we can't verify them, but as a news gatherer, we feel an obligation to you, ... our reader, to print this controversial stuff.   So, ... Linna leaked a couple of these to us this week .... shhhh .... we don't want to get Linna in trouble with Janet.

Dave Ralston -  Drive In Movies emerged in the 50's, but flourished in the '60s ( so, this is ok under the expanded rules ), ... Anyway, Dave Ralston was a ticket taker at the Sno-King Drive In, and that's what he's coming as, the Sno-King ticket taker.  .... I remember taking                                         to the Sno-King, ... but, that's another story, ... and not a long one.  Ralston will be revealing some memories of his times there.   He remembers Steve Favorite coming in his red '59 Chevy convertible all alone ( not unusual, Steve often went on dates alone ).  Now, Dave swears he didn't hear any noises coming from the trunk, but Alan Schultz, who was 5 cars back heard a lot of racket coming from what he thought was Steve's trunk,   Karen and Jeannene and a couple of guys from Seattle Prep, were behind Alan,  and they thought they heard beer bottles tinkling coming from Alan's car, but Alan and the 3 girls from Terrace he was with, said they didn't have any beer, but were hoping to find someone who had beer.  Kathy Christopher, Dyanne Sateren, Jamie Comet & Wendy Wallace, 18 cars back in line were sure they heard beer bottles tinkling in Steve's trunk, in fact they even knew the brand of beer that sounded like that.  Bob Haar, Ken Jennings, Gary DeBardi, & Bob Andrews  ( yep, they were a gang back then ) said they didn't hear a thing, which was odd, because they  were actually sneaking into the Drive-In in Steve's trunk ( you guys still owe the Sno-King Drive-In $2.25 each ).  Anyway, Dave will have his little ticket taker booth and everything, ... so, very authentic ... plus lots of Drive-In stories.  Wait til you hear the one about Gaylen Brown, heh, heh, heh.  Who knew all the excitement that occurred in the line before you even got into the movie.

Marilyn Burbank, who just joined our site this week lives in Europe, so won't be coming.   That means a Charles DeGaulle costume is still available, Al.  Welcome to the site Marilyn!  We're usually not this goofy, ...   Do you have any tats ( that's street talk for tattoos), Marilyn?

Picnic Attitude Expectations -  As we did with last years Western Roundup Picnic, we expect you to be in the spirit of the picnic, ... so, because we're so helpful, here's a list of words and phrases used in the 50's, and we expect YOU to be using them when we meet.   We recommend you start now so you'll be more natural at the picnic.

Daddio -  This is not your father, ... well, I guess it could be, ... but it's like a "cool dude", ... maybe someone like Steve Favorite  Don Miller.  Don't stray too far out of your lane here, ...  thinking it was a compliment, at the last committee meeting, I called Jeanne Fletcher, Mommio, ... she tromped on my toe.   So, try not to stray from these guidelines

Back Seat Bingo - now we're flirting on edges of good taste here, but apparently this means making out and other stuff in the back seat of a car.  Now, this probably won't come up at the picnic, but wanted you to be aware of what it means. After all, if you're headed to the Porta Potty, and someone asks you where you're going, it would be embarrassing if,  instead of saying you're going to pee, you said you were going "to play back seat bingo".   Ok, enough said, ... don't be using this phrase, ... nevermind.

Cut the Gas -  nay nay, ... no, it's not what you're thinking.   It's something Linda Waltmire might say to Steve Favorite at the picnic.   It means, shut up, I'm tired of listening to you.  But, if Steve does what you were originally thinking, ... Linda, ... tell him to stop that too.

Razz My Berries -    It means when you're excited about something.   Let's use Mary Ferchen as an example.  Mary, if you couldn't already tell by her posts is very excited about the coming picnic.   Her berries are razzed so to speak.   

Bird is the Word - the unencumbered truth.

Greaser -  someone who uses an extreme quantity of hair gel, ... maybe like Andy Bottin, or Kevin Murray, ... or even Shirley.

Big Tickle -  ... where are you people's mind today, ... you're 73 years old ... my gosh.   No, ... this means something is very funny.   To use it in a sentence would be like, ... Margo saying to Karyl, "It's a big tickle to think that nobody suspects we're the ones with a trunkful of beer, 8 cars behind Steve."   Or something like that. 

Beat Feet - this when you've got to get away fast, usually because you've done something wrong.   " We've got to Beat Feet before the cops come" , kinda reminds me of Rick Steinmetzer and Johnny Walker in a fond sort of way.   Not saying they were ever in trouble, or involved in any way in that incident at the Lynnwood Roller Rink.  They told police it was Kathy Christopher.  Anyway, ... I heard they had Tony on retainer.   The Bird is the Word.

Classy Chassis -  Let's say you're in the cafeteria for the 7th Grade Dance.   It starts out with all the boys on one side and all the girls on the other side.   All of sudden you go up a girl in a green dress and ask her to dance, ... because she has a nice looking bod, ... a classy chassis, but, mainly because she's nice.   Yep, happened to me. 

Please start using these words and phrases in your everyday life so that when you arrive at the picnic, your conversations will flow naturally.  Thanks.   You all are the ginchiest !!   

MHS "67  Fabulous Fifties Picnic Extravaganza Details can be found on the top of the left hand menu of the Home Page.   All '67 Grads, spouses, and partners are invited.   





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