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Susan Leighton

Susan Leighton

Susan Leighton Murray, age 71, passed away on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 2:30AM at her home on Whidbey Island. 

Susan hadn't attended a class reunion or picnic for many many years. She said she wasn't interested, but when I talked about a recent event, she was alway interested as to what had happened. I think she would be surprised at just how many people do remember her. 

So on the lighter side, I thought I would share a bit of Susan's and my animal history together. This story always cracked her up. 

Did you know that Susan loved animals more than people sometimes? Well, I have to say she did. There was one animal I didn't like at all. It was a green parrot named Hershal. I called him the "Green Parrot From Hell". This bird from hell once snuck under the coffee table and bit down with his pointed beak into my big toe!!!!!! I screamed and raised my foot up and still hanging on was this bird from hell. Susan said, " Oh he's just jealous". I bled for hours!! Point being, she loved her animals and I should have had shoes on.   

Susan you will be missed.  Kevin Murray

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06/06/20 09:20 AM #1    

Kathy Christopher (Stack)

Susan and I were buddies for many years - since Jr. High!  She was a wonderfully unique person, that never wavered from what she thought and how she lived her life.  She was truly an animal lover, and they gave her the most pleasure always!  Susan had a great sense of humor, and we had so much fun together!  We also got through tough times together, sharing our inner most private thoughts, because we knew we could. I remember when Susan got her drivers permit, I took her out to drive (her mom did not know that)!  We also took her mom's car out while we both had our drivers permit (her mom did not know that)!  We thought we were pretty smart to conceal all evidence of taking her mom's car out for the cruise too.  We were caught, as we left the radio on KJR, and we caved on being questioned by her mom!  We were together sneaking around having gatherings at our parents house while they were away - got caught though!  We just had lots of fun being teens together - and I will always cherish those memories.  Those family vacations Susan accompanied me on - In adult life, things are more complicated - but Susan's friendship was a constant.  I will miss you Susan. 

06/11/20 05:44 PM #2    

Susan Westlake (Smith)

I went to Maple Park and Meadowdale..I remeber Susan and am said for her death and for her family's Loss.. From what I remember she had a beautiful heart and smile..Hope all of you live life to its fullest..I remeber a lot of you and wish you all the best..


06/14/20 12:37 AM #3    

Karen Busch (Withner)

I also knew Sue pretty well but mostly in high school. She and I both loved to have fun and laugh and enjoy life We also had fun with Annalu I think the last time I saw your sweet face was the picnic after the 20th ? We had a chance to catch up . Oh dear sweet ladies I love you both you will always live in my heart , there's lots of room. Love
Karen Busch (Withner)

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